17 Voices is a grass roots movement prompted by the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Through a campaign of letter writing encouraging our legislators and representatives to enact common sense gun laws, we will speak for those silenced by this act of violence. Receiving a swarm of constituent mail demanding change can greatly impact the way a legislator votes on a particular issue.




1. Enact Universal background check laws Nation Wide

2. Ban Military style assault rifles

3. Ban Bump Stocks nation wide

4. Ban high capacity magazines

5. Ban hollow point and armor piercing bullets

6. Restore the Center for Disease Control’s ability to research gun violence

7. Enable “Red Flag” giving the police power to disarm people who pose a threat to society

8. Restore proper school guidance counseling

9.  Expand the Baker act

10. Ban the sale of guns to felons

11. Ban the sale of guns to people on the terror watch list

12. Ban the sale of guns to domestic abusers

13. Pass the Federal Gun Violence Restraining Order

14. Hold Law Enforcement Responsible for Failures such as what we had in Parkland

15. Close the gun show loophole

16. Make gun owners register each weapon to a central data base

17. Federal buyback program for any gun